Hugh Cairns: 5 reasons to service your furnace

Making sure seasonal maintenance is performed on your furnace helps keep it running happily and efficiently all winter long.  Photo: Contributed – (Hugh Cairns)

Hugh Cairns: 5 reasons to service your furnace

In most homes, the furnace is the primary heat source. There is a lot at stake should break down or require replacement. Furnaces are a big investment, new furnaces cost well into the thousands of dollars, so why not maintain the one you have to its optimum service level.

It seems that furnaces break down when we need them the most – on the coldest days of the year. That’s why it makes perfect sense to service your furnace now to avoid potential costly breakdowns. Furnaces that break down unexpectedly literally leave you out in the cold. 

5 reasons to service your furnace

1.    Increased efficiency. Energy costs continue to climb. Although furnaces might seem simple enough, they can be complex, especially ones with high efficiency outputs. It makes sense that a furnace operating at peak efficiency will keep your energy bills under control in the cold months ahead.

2.    Dirt and dust are enemies of your furnace. Having your furnace serviced gives it a fresh clean start. Dust and dirt particles can infiltrate all areas of the furnace cabinet that can lead to mechanical breakdowns and inefficiencies. You can do your part by changing your furnace filter regularly between cleanings.

 3.    Service your furnace for safety. Combustion gases can be harmful. Servicing your furnace should include the evaluation of its heat exchanger. Cracked heat exchangers can introduce carbon monoxide into the indoor air we breathe. Your technician will provide you with valuable information about your heating system that could be putting your family in danger.

 4.    Furnace servicing can actually save you money in the long run. Now is the time to identify and resolve issues before they become larger ones. In many cases these fixes will extend the life of your furnace. Having a regular service is always cheaper than an after hours emergency call.

 5.    Check your warranty. Most furnaces come with specific guidelines to maintain their warranty, especially newer ones. The vast majority of these warranties require that the equipment be maintained and serviced regularly. Furnace breakdowns under warranty usually require proof of service. With some circuit boards and mechanical parts costing hundreds of dollars you’ll want to ensure you’re not denied valuable coverage.